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Logo of Jantjes Verjaardag

Jantjes Verjaardag


Reguliersdwarsstraat nr. 110-114
1017 BN Amsterdam
(since 2001)

Jantjes Verjaardag ("Little John's Birthday") has different spaces, each with its own style: an Amsterdam Cafe, the Lucky Shot Bar and a large disco area. There's also a smoking room in the basement.

Jantjes Verjaardag @ Reguliersdwarsstraat

The venue can host some 600 people, and is especially popular by (straight) youngsters, both from Amsterdam and from elsewhere in the country.

Jantjes Verjaardag has party nights with DJ's playing popular Dutch and international pop music. There are also theme parties and talent shows.

- Opening hours:
Fri.+ Sat.
  22.00 - 04.00   (free)
22.00 - 05.00   (10,- euro)

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